How to Use a Boresight

By firefield

Boresights are designed to save you time and money sighting in your new optics. You will cut costs when you use a boresight because you will waste less ammo, use fewer targets and cut your range time significantly! Boresights allow you to get on paper before you even get to the gun range!

Boresights save money buy conserving ammo, targets and range time. These in-chamber boresights help you get on paper when sighting in a new optic.
Boresights help you conserve ammo while sighting in a new optic.

Start your sight-in process at home using a laser boresight, which will help you zero and sight-in iron or night sights, scopes, red dot and reflex sights and even lasers. Even sights that come mounted to your rifle from the factory can be out of line. You never want to compensate your aim for a sight or optic that isn’t zeroed properly. Boresights will precisely align your point of aim with your sight and gun’s barrel.

Firefield laser boresights go directly in your firearm’s chamber just like you’d load a round of ammo. An illuminated red dot laser beam is then projected from the gun’s barrel onto your target exactly where your barrel is pointed, allowing you to adjust the sight to your exact point of aim.

To use a boresight:

  1. Make sure your firearm is unloaded and always pointed in a safe location. (Know your target and what’s behind it—even if you know your gun is unloaded.)
  2. Hang a target anywhere from 15 to 100 yards, depending on if you are shooting a handgun or a rifle. Your concealed carry handgun can be sighted in closer than your rifle.
  3. Insert batteries into your boresight. It will automatically turn on when the batteries are correctly inserted.
  4. Chamber the boresight like you would a live round.
  5. You can leave the bolt closed or open. The boresight will work both ways.
  6. Point your gun at the center of the bullseye.
  7. Then, using your windage and elevation adjustments or sight adjustment tool, align your reticle or dot up with the boresight’s beam.
  8. Continue any fine tuning at the range with a few rounds of live ammo, especially when you are sighting-in a long-distance or hunting riflescope.
In-chamber boresights are more precise and safer than ones inserted in the barrel.
In-chamber boresights are more precise and safer than ones inserted in the barrel.

Firefield has two different types of boresights—caliber specific and universal. The universal boresight does not get inserted into the chamber of your firearm but attaches magnetically to the outside of your gun’s muzzle.

You’ll notice two different-looking boresights on our website—one is red, and one is brass. Our red boresights are constructed of lightweight aluminum, while the brass-colored are made of…well…brass. The brass boresights are more durable than aluminum and mimic a real round better.

Boresights are available in the most popular rifle caliber and project a 2-inch dot at 100 yards.

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